Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Momofuku Miso Butter

According to Chang, the inspiration for miso butter was the knob of butter that was used to finish a bowl of miso ramen he used to eat when he lived in Japan. My inspiration to try the miso butter came from the part of the book when Chang said that it tasted like carbonara when you mixed it with egg and that it had the fat on fat appeal of hollandaise. I love carbonara and I love hollandaise. I also like miso. And butter. And I had plenty of both in the fridge. It was clearly meant to be.

The miso butter recipe is actually a part of the recipe for pan-roasted asparagus with pached egg and miso butter, which you can find here along with Chang's introduction from the book.

All it is is some rooom temperature butter mixed with white miso until well mixed and creamy. It is, as Chang suggests, finger licking good as is, but even better when used to make Roasted Sweet Summer Corn with Miso Butter, Bacon and Roasted Onions.

Veggie Belly has a useful list in case you aren't sure what you can do with your miso butter. See it here. I can't wait to try it tossed with popcorn or pasta.

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