Sunday, 15 August 2010

Napa Cabbage Kimchi

I have never had kimchi before. I'm a big baby when it comes to chilli and I'm very fussy with strong smelling foods. Despite this, I've always wanted to try it.

Steph from Momofuku for 2 (I like this blog, can you tell?) mentions in one of the comments that the Momofuku kimchi isn't super spicy and it doesn't have the "super-funk" that other kimchi usually has. Great. I'm in.

The cabbage is first tossed with a sugar and salt mix and left to sit. The sugar and salt 1:1 mix is used so often in the cookbook that I made a big batch of it and now have it in with my spices.

I couldn't find kochukaru in the three Asian supermarkets I visited, so I ended up substituting cayenne pepper. I also couldn't find jarred salted shrimp which is supposed to help kickstart the fermentation. I left it out and kept my fingers crossed.

After mixing everything together it tasted pretty good. It was still nice and fresh tasting and I'd be happy to eat it as it was but it wouldn't be kimchi. I put the whole thing in a glass jar and put it in the fridge. This kimchi is supposed to reach its prime in two weeks.

Unfortunately, I forgot about it. Chang says that the kimchi will stay good for about four weeks but it will get stronger and funkier as time goes on. Now I'm afraid to taste it. I'll let you know if I manage to summon up the courage.


  1. how long has it been in the fridge for??? And bear in mind that in Korea, some Kimchi is still made by burying the cabbage jars in the garden for a while - if your has been in the fridge, it should be ok...!

  2. Hmm, we would definitely be at the four week mark now...

    I'll have to take it out and smell it.