Thursday, 16 December 2010

David Lebovitz's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have recently started a new job and I've debated telling them about my blog. I am quite proud of my little corner of the Internet and sometimes I do want to show it off to people. It never really mattered to my friends, although they all know I have a blog I think my friend E is the only one who actually comes and visits. She lives very far away now, so I like to think of her reading my posts when I'm writing them because I'm a terrible penpal.

I mentioned it in passing and there was a bit of interest, so if anyone is reading this, hi! Here's my write up of the pretty darn good cookies I brought in the other day.

These cookies were one of the first things that were taking into new work. I had made the dough months ago and the post has been sitting in my drafts folder for so long I knew I was going to have to make the cookies again to remember what was great about them.

I knew they were great, I have memories of baking a tray of cookies before work in the morning and having to drive with the cookies still on their cooling rack in the container because they were too hot to close up. If a cookie is that good to give rise to commitment like that, you know it has to be good. You know how else you can tell? It's by David Lebovitz. The man is amazing.

The recipe comes from David's book Ready For Dessert. I have this book on my wish list but haven't made up my mind to pay for shipping and get a proper book or get instant gratification with the Kindle edition and read it on my laptop or iPhone. Decisions decisions.

These cookies are refrigerator cookies or icebox cookies, which means once the dough is made, it's rolled into a log and chilled before being cut into rounds and baked. They are fantastically easy with no rolling out or cutting plus most of them can be frozen (every one I have tried can be) so after one big dough making session you can pack your freezer with cookie dough and have chocolate chip cookies ready for the oven in 15mins. Well, it depends on how quickly the dough softens.

These cookies are incredible. I don't think I've tasted a cookie with such a lovely crispy outside to soft inside ratio. They are right up there with my top chocolate chip cookies.

See this post on Serious Eats for the recipe.


  1. aaaw, thanks for the shout-out!! And I do love reading - its just like you're talking to me!

  2. I am talking to you!!! Lol. I am about to break out the goodies in the parcel you sent me (a long time ago, I know). I have plans of fudge and cookies and Christmas packages :)

    I will save one with your name on it. We'll eat it for you and think of you both having a white Christmas over there!

  3. hey - i got one of David Lebovitz's books for Christmas 'the sweet life in paris' - its sooo good. really well written, dry, witty, and some great looking recipes too.