Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday Lunch Quick Notes: Agave Mexican Bar and Restaurant

I went here twice this week:

Chicken chimichangas: shredded grilled chicken rolled in a corn tortilla with tomato salsa, mozzarella cheese, sour cream and refried beans ($14.00)

Chargrilled chicken salad with tortillas, roasted corn, jalapenos, peppers and oregano ($11.00)

The first time we went was a Wednesday lunchtime and while there were a few people there, it wasn't really busy.  Our meals came out quickly and were lovely, I really enjoyed it.  I've always wanted to try chimichangas but I don't like frying.  I did note that there was no mention of frying on the menu.  Do you think that's something you would like to know before ordering something like that in a restaurant?
There are many many poor reviews about this restaurant on UrbanSpoon.  The service and food we received on Wednesday really did not deserve any of those reviews.  I really enjoyed it.

We were back there on the Friday with a much bigger party.  The restaurant was much busier this time and there were a number of large parties.  This meant that we did have to wait a long time for our food to come out.  I had the chargrilled chicken salad, but this salad didn't hit the right notes for me.  I am not sure what it was about the salad, but I found it very heavy.  It weighed me down for the rest of the afternoon.  I wouldn't order it again.  There were mixed reviews about the quality of the food from everyone, but I don't think what we received on Friday are accurately reflected in the reviews either.

That being said, despite a gorgeous airy setting and some pretty good daily specials, I don't think it's my favourite Mexican restaurant.

Agave Mexican Bar and Restaurant
HQ North Tower
540 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley
Fortitude Valley, 4006
Ph: (07) 3257 7331

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