Sunday, 11 September 2011

Choosing Raw's Cashew Cream

Although the timing is quite good considering my last post was about Averie's Raw Vegan Apple Crumble, this was actually made to eat with my first attempt at the apple crumble.

When I first started experimenting with raw desserts, my nut cream didn't turn out very well due to my lack of skills.  I really wanted to try again and this recipe from Gena of Choosing Raw was perfect.  I followed Gena's recipe to the letter, armed with a new food processor.

Much better. So creamy!

I loved the vanilla accents in the cream. It was as good as real cream. This recipe is even more of a treasure now that I can't eat dairy as cream was always one of my biggest weaknesses. Excuse me while I go and stock up on cashews.

Check out Gena's post on Choosing Raw for the recipe for Raw Whipped Cream. The Lime in the Coconut Smoothie looks incredible too.


  1. Mmm great recipe, thanks! I am trying to cut out dairy completely and I can't have much sugar so this'll be the perfect recipe with a teensy bit of agave nectar thrown in. =]

  2. I love Gena's blog so much. I have never made one of her recipes that wasn't delicious!

  3. Love cashew cream. I made some today too.