Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekend Eats

I love Averie's Raw Vegan Apple Crumble.  I've only made it once but I have dreamed about it many times and have always meant to make it again but I've never gotten around to it (read: I'm lazy).  Then I found out about my gluten intolerance and my doctor recommended I avoid oats (even gluten free ones) while I'm particularly sensitive and typically, all I could think about was the apple crumble.

Today, I decided to give it a try using some gluten free alternatives.  I used rice flakes in the base, although I had to use six small dates and some Nuttelex to bind the base together.

Averie's recipe is raw (or can be made to be raw) but I don't think rice flakes really work with a raw dessert.  They taste just like uncooked flat rice (funny that).  I'll try heating it up in the microwave before serving to try and soften the flakes.

Ideally I would have started again, but I'd already layered the apple mixture over the rice flake base.  I changed to quinoa flakes for the crumble topping.  Quinoa flakes worked much better and next time it will be the oat substitute I use.

I drizzled some Broken Nose Vanilla vanilla-infused honey over the top.  I've been wanting to try this honey since Regional Flavours at Southbank but they had sold out by the time I got there.  I stumbled across some at the Eagle Farm Markets today and had to break it open for my crumble.

It was lovely.  It has a wonderful subtle vanilla flavour and a gentle honey taste.  It smells incredible.

After preparing my crumble I felt the need to balance the sweet dessert out with something healthy and fresh.

The other week at our family dinner my mother prepared make-your-own rice paper rolls with some gluten free honey soy marinated chicken and lots of fresh vegetables and herbs. I wanted to do try and get that same fresh rice paper roll flavour into a nori roll with sushi rice.

They were the biggest fattest sushi rolls I've ever made, my bamboo sheet didn't go all the way around some of them. Some of them turned out quite messy and I'm hoping they'll stay together when I unwrap them from their gladwrap.

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