Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Brisbane's Best?

ourbrisbane.com has a list of Brisbane's best food in a number of categories and I thought it was quite interesting.

Brisbane's Best Pizza

Apart from our local Pizza Capers, I have not been to any of the pizzerias listed. I'm quite excited. I love good pizza and D is quite a pizza connoiseur - he just knows if the pizza place is using older ham or a poor quality ham. It's quite uncanny. I can't tell the difference, but he knows. I hope I can talk him into trying some of these with me.

Brisbane's Best Burgers

Now, burger restaurants we have tried. We have tried many different burger restaurants in a quest to find somewhere that made a burger that was even half as awesome as they used to make at Seafood and Eat It in Greenslopes.

We haven't tried all of the restaurants on the list, though. Burger Urge we have tried, but we weren't that impressed. I think they really shine in their unique flavour combinations and not your standard beef patty and cheese kind of burger. Grill'd we have tried, I really like it but D doesn't really feel the love. Purple Gorilla make nice burgers, I think if I could choose, I'd pick Grill'd, but D loves Purple Gorilla and I do enjoy them so Purple Gorilla is our current go-to gourmet burger bar.

I think we are far more likely to try the other burger restaurants on the list than we are to try the pizzerias, but its fun to find out about these new places.

There is also a list of Brisbane's Best Cupcakes, but I adore Poppy Cakes and I think my waistline is very happy that I'm willing to just have one cupcake store to frequent.

What do you think? Do you agree with ourbrisbane's lists? Did they miss anyone out? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Purple Gorilla burgers have never disapointed, happy to see them in the list. I wasn't too impressed with Burger Urge but we should go there again, yes.

    Chimichanga would definately be in the list if they were still open! Oh we miss you Chimi!


    Nice to see Kookaburra Pizza in the pizza list, we get that at work (the big metre size pizza's) for special occasions. Melbourne cup is a special occasion. I can't wait.